Flag Agreement

  1. For an annual fee (each flag) the Onsted Kiwanis will provide and place a 3'X5' U.S. Flag (American Made) on a 10' pole in your yard or in front of your business for proper display on the following 2020 holiday periods:

    $35 annual fee for each flag or $30 each for multiple flags at the same address/location

    Memorial Day - Flag Day - Independence Day (May 21 - July 9)
    Labor Day - Patriot Day (Sept. 3 - Sept. 22)
    Election Day (not currently planned) - Veterans Day (Oct. 29 - Nov. 13)

  2. On the above mentioned Holidays the Onsted Kiwanis will place a flag at your location. A 12" X 1" PVC sleeve, with cap, will be installed below ground. It's as easy as that; no flags to buy, no poles to wrestle, no worries about storage, and nothing to remember. The Onsted Kiwanis does it for you.
  3. Onsted Kiwanis and the subscriber acknowledge the possibility of weather factors (wind, storm, snow, etc.) that could cause damage to property and persons. Both agree that wherever the holding device is placed it may cause an alteration and/or damage to the property it is installed. The subscriber will here by release Onsted Kiwanis of any and all liability of any kind or nature resulting or arising from the installation or flying of the flag, including resulting damage of any kind to property or persons should the holding device and/or installation fail or be destroyed. In any event, the limit of liability to Onsted Kiwanis will be the price of the flag.
  4. It is agreed that Onsted Kiwanis may cancel the Flag Agreement at any time.
  5. The subscriber will not be liable for any damage to the flag pole assembly unless it was caused by the subscriber's own negligence or intentional act, or by any person acting under or in the control of or related to the subscriber.